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Cleanroom Design, Construction and Certification


Thank you for your interested in our cleanroom. Our team always believes cleanroom is an investment in a company’s strategy and needs to be well thought through. At the same time, cleanrooms have complex mechanical systems and high construction, operating, and energy costs, it is important to perform the cleanroom design in a methodical way. 

Our staff has extensive experiences in constructing new cleanroomsconstruction as well as retrofit projects. Our collective expertise encompasses in variety of industrial such as phamacuetical factories, research facilities, painting manufacturing, battery manufacturing facilities and etc. If you have any query, please contact us and we will definitely try our best to give you the best fit solution.


To ensures our clients experience a full turnkey solution, at the same time ensure an uniform international standard for our clean room performance test. We have gained international certification of NEBB and CTCB-I, which all of the testing are laid down in ISO 14644 and NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) guidelines.

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